When can I get my hands on a G-Pack?

We have are currently live on our Kickstarter campaign! Check it out via this hyperlink here!

How quiet is it?

When we say “inaudible”, we mean it! G-pack uses top specification, minimal noise fans that run at less than 30 db during normal operation, and emit a non-intrusive, “wooshing” sound when pushed at full load for a long period of time.

What’s G-Pack’s Operating System?

G-Pack works best with Windows but we’ve left the operating system open for the user to install. We did this because of many requests by people to be able to use copies that they already own or use lower editions (e.g. Win7). Our prototype uses Win8.1 with Steam Big Picture on start up so that we can have full control from a Microsoft gamepad.

What sort of components can be used with G-Pack?

Customisation and upgradability have always been an important consideration for G-Pack and for this reason you can expect support for virtually all GPUs, ITX motherboards and 4th Generation Intel Core processors, including Core i7 4790K. Take a look at the Technical Specifications of the 3 units we are launching on Kickstarter.

What is included with the empty chassis?

The empty chassis comes with a USB 3.0 Hub and flash card reader. We’re selling the packages with PSU, Fans and Riser on our site which will be going live in the next couple days. The first is $99 for on-board graphics media machines, containing a 250w PSU and a Centrifugal fan. For $199 you get a 500w PSU, 3x Centrifugal fans and the PCI-E flexible riser. G-Pack was practically made around these parts because of their unchallenged performance and fit.

Will it fit my TV?

We usually say that G-Pack fits all TVs from 37″ upwards and up to 100kg in weight, however some 32″ TVs have a thick enough bezel to conceal G-pack completely. Similarly, some rare bezel-less 37″ models can fail to hide G-Pack perfectly. The one most important dimension is the distance between the TV’s top edge and top vesa mounting holes, and the TV’s bottom edge and bottom VESA mounting holes. This dimension should be no less than 160mm to ensure that G-Pack stays compeltely hidden.

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