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    I’m really excited about the upcoming Kickstarter that’s going to launch!

    I have a couple question about the G-Pack standalone case. Does it come with:

    1) The PCI-E 90 degree adapter for the GPU?
    2) PSU & Fans for silent operation that you guys demoed before?

    Also what is the maximum z-clearance for the cpu cooler? Is there any one you guys recommend?

    Thanks and good luck on your campaign!



    Hello Marty,

    The case comes as a empty chassis. There will be a highly recommended component packages on our website.

    The first will be a $100 media package containing: 250w PSU, 1x Centrifugal Fan

    The second will be a $200 gaming package containing: 500w PSU, 3x Centrifugal Fan, Flexible PCI-E Riser

    The maximum Z clearance is 32mm. We’ve got a fantastic heatsink we’ll recommend on our website too. It is based on the Thermolab ITX30 that came out head and shoulders above the other heatsinks we tested in terms of both performance (approx 10 degrees cooler) and reliability. We’re putting our own custom fan on top as it uses dual ball bearings and reaches 4000rpm for those that want to push the machines a little harder for extra performance.

    Thanks, fingers crossed it goes well! :D


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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